Tommy's Coffee Table

Combining traditional elements with an artistic influence.

SHOP OWNER: Thomas Skaggs
LOCATION: Champaign, IL

    With warmer weather here, Iíll need to spend less time in my shop and more time attending to outdoor duties. However, yesterday I completed work on a coffee table Iíve been working on for the great room.
    This design reflects a new area of design for me, which I have been trying for a short while. The approach is to incorporate traditional design elements but with an artistic influence. Since we already have some Arts and Crafts style furniture in the great room, I wanted this table to relate.
Tommy's Coffee Table

    I made the top from quilted maple. The arched breadboard ends are curly maple with an ebony inlay, which is an abstract flower. The pegs are padauk. I died the wood with an aniline dye and finished with Danish oil and wipe-on satin poly.
Tommy's Coffee Table

    The base is made of cherry, the accent end panels are curly maple, and the pegs are ebonized walnut. I used through tenons for the lower shelf stretcher/supports.
Tommy's Coffee Table

    I designed the lower shelf to hold magazines and books.
Tommy's Coffee Table

    Here is my shop dog, Kramer, inspecting the final work. He did not lift his leg at it so I guess it passed muster!

. . . Thomas Skaggs



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