Steve's Mahogany Dining Table

Function complements a beatiful design.

SHOP OWNER: Steve Jenkins

    This mahogany dining table is 48 wide x 84 long x 30 tall. The base is from 16/4 solid stock (finished size equals 3-1/2" square), cut to a pattern on the shaper. The curved portion of the base is in two parts and you can see the joint at the center bottom. Two floating tenons hold the joint together.
Steve's Mahogany Dining Table

    For the detail on the tabletop edge, I had to have custom molding knives made. I milled the edge molding for the top on the shaper before attaching it. I can use the molding knives either in my Woodmaster molder or in a molding head on my shaper.
Steve's Mahogany Dining Table

    The table opens to allow the use of two leaves, which are 20" wide each. They store in the table when not in use. The slides were Watertown metal equalizer slides. Known for being a very smooth working table slide, one person can open or close the top. Designed for center pedestal tables, pulling or pushing one end allows both ends to move while the base stays centered. I really like the Watertown slides because they just do not sag.
    I started the finish first with a dye stain and followed that with Tried and True oil and beeswax. The client was adamant about having an oil finish.

. . . Steve Jenkins



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