Terry's Bathroom Cabinet

With its sliding doors, this cabinet is beautiful and functional.

SHOP OWNER: Terry Jennings
LOCATION: Delray Beach, FL

    This is my first large custom-designed piece of furniture, and my first piece of furniture sprayed with my OM Green HVLP Conversion gun. I designed this two-piece cabinet to fit in a space behind our bathroom vanity in the master bath. It's 14" D x 40" W x 72"H. I used amber stained glass to match the honey amber TransTint stain.
    The sliding doors were my solution to the limited space for the piece. I cut the coves on the feet using my tablesaw, and then I cut the profiles out on the bandsaw. They took quite a bit of time to complete, but I think they really make the piece unique.
    This project took about 18 months to complete because, right in the middle of the project, I was unexpectedly ask to go on a 9-month assignment to Munich, Germany. That made completing the project all the better.
Terry's Bathroom Cabinet

    The finish I used was Honey Amber TransTint, followed by two coats of dark garnet shellac, and then three coats of Fuhr 355. If you haven't tried TransTint dyes and Fuhr 355 acrylic varnish, I can't say enough about their performance. You can learn more about and purchase these products by visiting Jeff Jewitt's site at www.homesteadfinishing.com.

. . . Terry Jennings



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