Jason's Desk Unit

A case of one thing leading to another.

SHOP OWNER: Jason Falejczyk
LOCATION: Frankfort, IL

    How many of you have had this kind of conversation? A relative asks if you can build a small item for them. Before you know it, their ideas and your creativity start going 80 miles/hour, and this small project turns out to be not very small at all. My sister asked me if I could build a "shelf" for her daughter, my adorable little niece. When she showed up at my home with a notebook of sketches, I knew I was in trouble!
Jason's Desk Unit

    This desk unit (I mean "shelf") is 7' tall x 7' wide and 2' deep at the base. With the exception of the bead-board, the entire piece is MDF joined with dado and groove construction. The desk apron is laminated MDF and matches the contour of the desk, which also is shaped to follow the top of the bridge unit. The recessed cans, with touch dimmers, were an after-thought but turned out to be a great addition! I concealed the wiring with channels and grooves.
Jason's Desk Unit

    For the finish, I setup an elaborate spray room in the basement and tried HVLP spraying for the first time. For durability, I applied enamel primer and paint. What a mess! It turned out really nice, though.
    One last important safety detail: I anchored the top of the two bookcase units with angled brackets screwed into the wall studs. It's very important to secure tall casework that a child cannot resist climbing.

. . . Jason Falejczyk



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