Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

Beautiful woods and subtle details provide a visual treat.

SHOP OWNER: HC "Chico" Sakman
LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada

    The same people who had bought my Diamond Series #2 table commissioned this piece last year. I wanted to follow the same fundamental design aspects of the DS#2 hall table. This cabinet has many details/features. Perhaps just itemizing them would be simpler.

    From top to bottom:
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    1. Top is quilted maple (solid, bookmatched boards) with cherry breadboard ends, which have a radiused joint line instead of straight, and splined with cocobolo.
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    2. All of the carcass joints are sliding, half-lap dovetails. I used mortise and tenons (1-3/4" deep) for the lower stretchers. You can see the sliding dovetails from front and back. I think the back with its quartersawn cherry panels is as pretty as the front.
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    3. The drawers have hand cut dovetails with narrow pins. The drawer bottoms are from a massive 16" curly and spalted solid maple board, which I cut consecutively for each drawer. The drawer fronts are recessed and inlayed with quilted maple, then trimmed with 45-degree, cut and mitered cocobolo strips. The handles are hand made from cocobolo (OK, my router helped me a little;-)).
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    The drawer sides are Cuban mahogany and backs are Lyptus. I used Lyptus for the drawer backs, because it's heavy, it prevents a drawer pulled 3/4 of the way out from tipping forward (Although it's a very tight fit already, it prevents the unwanted sagging action and related result of wear on the upper drawer runners).
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    4. The sides are quilted maple. Inside, there are three adjustable shelves, curved at the front and detailed with a 1/8" bead of cocobolo. The shelves slide into the pins, which are invisible and lock in place.
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    5. The doors feature barrel hinges (shop made, same as in the Diamond Series #3 table) and kept closed with Lee Valley rare earth magnets, which are veneered over, but not the strike plate in the doors. Veneer not only makes it look better, but also improves the closing action and prevents that metallic slamming sound. All the door and drawer pieces are from the same board. What's really unique is that the door frames are joined with sliding dovetails. Lastly, cocobolo handles installed with lap dovetails to the doors.
Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    Note: The grain direction orientation of the door handles may concern you, but I tested by standing on them and they did not break! That's a good enough test for me. It's one very tough cocobolo board!

  Chico's Cherry and Quilted Maple Cabinet

    6. The lower arched stretchers are step-radiused.

    It took exactly three weeks to complete (including the four day oil varnish hand rubbed finish). I sanded the surfaces to 600 grit.

. . . H. C. Sakman, a.k.a. "Chico"



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