Bob's Workbench

Inspired by the bench that Frank built.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Miller
LOCATION: Hillsboro, OR

    With all the talk on the main board about workbenches and Frank Klausz, I figured it was time to share my bench. It is a direct copy of Frank's bench featured in "The Workbench Book" by Scott Landis. The only major change was to replace the shoulder vise with a plain front vise.
Bob's Workbench

    The base is popular with black walnut wedges. The natural greenish tint really stands out, so I may refinish it and pick a stain that will make it blend better with the top. The top is solid maple that is about 2 " in the center. Not being able to find 16/4 maple, I laminated maple and black walnut for the vise faces.
Bob's Workbench

    The nice piece of bubinga used for the back of the tool tray was the result of a mistake. Originally, I had a nice piece of highly figured birds eye maple that didn't turn out right when the fence on my router table slipped while milling for the bottom. While I was at the wood store looking for a replacement, I noticed the bubinga and figured it would really stand out.
    This was a very fun project that has already improved my work by providing a solid tool for working wood.

. . . Bob Miller



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