Carved Canes

A glimpse at one woodworker's carving methods.

SHOP OWNER: Roger Cook

    It seems I stay very busy since I usually have about five things Iím working on and three more that I want to start. As far as the carving methods I use, itís pretty much everything except a lathe, the one thing that most people who make canes probably use. Iím scared to make that purchase yet because I like to buy the best and it looks like you can spend a fortune in different accessories. I usually start with my Laguna LT-16 bandsaw, then maybe a grinder with a Kutzall tungsten carbide structured tooth 4 ĹĒ dish. Sometimes I go to a die grinder, I have all sizes from a micro motor made by Brassler up to a ľĒ die grinder.
Roger's Carving

    However, I like to finish all my carvings with files. I love files because you can get incredible detail with them, especially Swiss pattern files. American files only have three grades of which you only find two regularly stocked. For some reason, you donít see smooth files that much, and Swiss pattern I believe have 00, 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. Iím not sure about the #5 but I use the #00, 0, 2, 3, and of coarse, the best rasp in the world, a Nicholson #50. It took me years to cough up the money for it but let me tell you itís well worth it. Iíve never been to a woodworkerís club meeting but they should buy one and just let everyone try it at their meetings to understand. All I can compare the difference to is an American style saw compared to the Japanese style saws. I think the Japanese style saws are better in saw design. I always sand to a fine grit, and finish with tung oil or lacquer. I have never sold anything. I just wrap the stuff in a towel or something and stick it in the closet.
Roger's Carving

    I recently purchased a camera and hope to be able to take good enough pictures to someday have them published in Fine Woodworking Magazine. In addition, I live real close to Sam Maloof and it would be a dream to have something in his museum he is building. I did meet him and showed Sam some of my work and he seemed to enjoy it.

. . . Roger Cook



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