Steve Condon's Magazine Rack

Five great projects for the house.

SHOP OWNER: Steve Condon

    This magazine rack is of my own design and was built to accompany the set of oak shelves that it is placed next to. The wood is red oak with book-matched walnut ends and walnut plugs and trim. I tried to make it in the Greene and Greene style with a cloud lift feature at the top. All joints are mortise and tenon.
Telephone Cabinet

     This is a small telephone stand of my own design that is based on a cabinet in a catalog my wife received. The carcase is built of birch plywood with a poplar face frame and drawer front. Beaded pine was used for the door insert. The top is a panel of aspen that I picked up at a local home center. I was hesitant to use aspen for the top, but so far haven't had problems with it getting nicked. The finish is laquer on both the top and carcase.
Tissue Box

     This is one of a number of Kleenex boxes that I've made over the past year or so as gifts for friends and relatives. The wood is elm that I resawed and planed to 1/4 in. I had some trouble with tear-out and the finish turned out a little blotchy, but the wood was easy to work with otherwise. The panel behind the scrollsawed design is walnut resawed to 1/8 in.
    To finish the box, I first started with a fruitwood-colored Watco stain, but I removed as much of that as I could because it highlighted the tear-out. I've since used sprayed-on lacquer with much better results.
    The design was taken from the clip-art CD that comes with Corel Draw. That CD has many Victorian-style designs that you can re-size to fit various projects. (Ed's note: Great tip!)
Arts & Crafts End Table

    This is an end table of my own design in the Arts & Crafts style. The lower part is poplar, stained dark green. The top is oak that I got from a small bandsaw mill in Iowa. An interesting feature is that the oak top is surrounded by a "frame" of poplar, but it is not attached to the poplar. The oak sits on top of a square piece of MDF that the frame is attached to. The MDF is attached to the lower part of the table. I did it this way so that the top could be replaced by another wood species, flagstone, tile or other material at a later time.
Shelves a la Underhill

    This set of shelves is based on a design of Roy Underhill's. The wood is 4/4 red oak that is finished with wipe-on varnish. All of the joints are mortise and tenon, and the tops are attached with bisquits. I made a three-piece modular set so the sections could be rearranged in other spaces if necessary.

...Steve Condon




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