Christian's Shop Tour

Organization is the key for this woodworker.

SHOP OWNER: Christian Aufreiter

    As a very young boy, I couldn't even stand without help, my favorite occupation already was drilling. Actually my dad drilled and I put my hands on the drill. Then I started nailing and building this and that. Soon I wanted my own tools.
    During the last months I enjoyed many shop tours and got a couple of helpful ideas by seeing pictures of your shops. Now it's time that I contribute some pictures of my own shop. It's a small room (540 x 210 cm), which I share with a lot of other stuff. The main work center in my shop is my Sjöbergs workbench (modified height) pictured with my Festool random orbit sander.
Christian's Festool Collection

    Most of my power tools. You'll certainly notice that I'm a Festool fan!


  Christian's Toolbox
Detailed View

    A project which I'll never finish: My shop made toolbox.
Christian's Shop

    Pictures of the shop:
Christian's Shop
Festool Plunge Saw


    One of my favorite tools - Festool plunge saw:
AEG Tools

    These are the tools I used before I bought the Festool stuff. It's basically a AEG hammer drill with a circular saw, angle grinder, and orbital sander attachments.
AEG Tools

    My granddad bought them about 30 years ago. My dad used the drill quite a lot when our house was built.
Ulmia Miter Saw


    A really sharp and accurate saw - Ulmia miter saw with Japanese blade:
Christian At Work

    This is me making dust:
Go Ahead - Make My Day!

    Here I'm holding the Hilti rotary hammer drill I got from my granddad. I hope you have enjoyed this shop tour. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

. . . Christian Aufreiter



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