Dave's Queen Anne Table

The look grows on you with time.

SHOP OWNER: Dave Griessmann
LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

    This Queen Anne table is the finished product of a three-day class from Glen Huey of Malcolm L. Huey & Son Furniture in Ohio.

  Unfinished Queen Anne Table

Unfinished Queen Anne Table Unfinished Queen Anne Table

    Originally, I didn't like the looks of this table when I was inquiring about the class. I signed up just to learn how to build cabriole legs, but as I was assembling the table, it grew on me. Now, it's one of my most favorite pieces I've ever built.
Dave's Queen Anne Table

    The legs were more intimidating than they really were to build. Armed with a template, a band saw, and a Shinto, the process became nothing but time consuming.
    The wood is tiger maple with poplar for the drawer. I used a golden amber maple dye for the finish with five coats of shellac sprayed and rubbed out.
Finished Tiger Maple Top

    My big "oops" came at finishing - GLUE SPOTS! I had to sand through and re-stain certain places. This is where having one-on-one student\teacher instruction came in handy. I not only paid for a table class, but also learned many of Glen's tricks of the trade!

. . . Dave Griessmann



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