Jim's Cherry Quilt Stand

Finished in just over 14 years!

SHOP OWNER: Jim Doughty
LOCATION: Conowingo, MD

    I recently found the WoodCentral Website and enjoy the wealth of information it has, and Iím excited to share a couple of photos of a cherry quilt rack I just completed. I've had the plans lying around for 14 years (they were in a 1990 issue of American Woodworker) waiting for me to buy a lathe and get time to build it. Well, ever since my ex-employer was kind enough to provide me with lots of free time, so to speak, I finally got around to building the project.
Jim's Cherry Quilt Stand

    It's all solid cherry construction, double biscuit joints for the arms and legs, dowels for the arch joints, which are cut out to shape, not bent (wastes a lot of wood, but if you're not set up for bending....). The tops of the seven spindles carry through the top arch, where I split and wedged them.
    The finish is Watco Cherry Danish Oil for color, wiped on and immediately off, and then several layers of padded on amber shellac, rubbed out with 0000 steel wool. I followed up with a topcoat of wax.
    I had a good time building this project and learned quite a lot. This was my first real lathe project, other than turning some pens, and took quite a while, since I was pretty much learning to turn as I went. I even have a bunch of buggered finials lying in the shop to prove it!

. . . Jim Doughty



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