Bolivian Rosewood Box

Multiple miters and solid edging work real slick.

SHOP OWNER: Art Liebeskind
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

    Nothing beats truly exotic woods like Brazilian Rosewood, Bolivian Rosewood, and Macassar Ebony for making veneers. In addition, for slick and easy assembly, nothing beats multiple miters (i.e., all sides of each of six box pieces gets a mitered edge). I use packing tape as clamps when assembling the boxes and then edge them with ebony. The veneer goes on both sides first, and then I make the miter cuts with a very well adjusted saw!
Bolivian Rosewood Box

    Since these boxes are smaller cubes, I created a small pull or "button” for the tops to help with opening. After turning the "button” from ebony, I glue a round piece of veneer, which matches the box, into the face. The first fitting took a half hour of razor cutting and sanding. The rest took just ten seconds using a gasket cutter on the veneer. I think this technique really makes a pull that’s more unified looking, since each one matches the box’s veneer. Brasilian Rosewood Box
Macassar Ebony Box

    These, too, went to my "patron store" but sell at a considerably lower price than my larger jewelry boxes. I can hardly wait for Valentine's Day!

. . . Art Liebeskind



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