Chippendale Chest

Building a Chippendale Chest in three days!

SHOP OWNER: Dave Griessmann
LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

    This Chippendale Chest is the result of a very vigorous three-day class offered from Glen Huey of Huey & Son Furniture.
    This was my chance to learn how to build a case from the ground up without any plans; from using dovetails to connect the sides to the top and bottom, to cutting half blind dovetails for the drawers (all were hand cut).
Chippendale Chest

    My big “oops” happened on the third drawer down. I cut it to be 4 7/8" strong and the opening was only 4 7/8" big. So, we trimmed it down on the table saw and all was well.
    This piece is tiger maple for the primary wood and poplar for the secondary. I will say building the case was easier than installing the hardware. Making sure it all lined up was a bit stressful.

  Chippendale Chest

    I finished using a powdered water-based stain, which should have made the case a golden amber color but, as you can see, I added too much powder to the water. However, it's not as dark as the pictures make it out to be.

. . . Dave Griessmann



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