Chest On Stand

Carved elements compliment the elegant casework.

SHOP OWNER: Greg Brunk
LOCATION: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

    These are pictures of my latest project I just completed, a Chippendale chest on frame. It is a Christmas gift for my son and daughter-in-law, which we plan to deliver on Christmas Eve. I got the idea to build it after seeing one in a Bartley’s kit furniture catalog.
    Built in 1775, the original belonged to a Germantown, PA family. Supposedly, George Washington and his troops marched in front of this home on their way to battle. Chest On Stand

    The case is loose and rests on top of the base unit. I took some liberties when copying this piece. The original had plain knees, however, I chose to carve a shell on them, and modified the center apron by adding a carved shell. This was my first attempt at the ball and claw feet and shell-carved legs since taking a class taught by Gene Landon last year. Chest On Stand

  Chest On Stand

    The chest is made of cherry with poplar as the secondary wood. The drawer bottoms are aromatic cedar; the back is solid poplar with lap joints. Chest On Stand

    The finish is an antique cherry water-based aniline dye with a sealer coat of linseed oil, followed by a seal coat of shellac, then a coat of gel stain, followed up by approximately 20 coats of garnet shellac, which I padded on. The final step was to rub it down to a satin sheen with rottenstone.

Chest On Stand

Chest On Stand Chest On Stand

Chest On Stand

    As a reminder of the year in which I built it, I inlaid a 2003 silver eagle coin into the bottom of the top right drawer.
    We have too many more days of snow left before spring, so my next project will be a Hepplewhite style hall mirror. I will send pictures when I have it done.

. . . Greg Brunk



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