Marble Tower

Diversity is the key for this woodworker.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Blackwell

    These shots are some of my latest projects, chosen not so much that any one is outstanding, but more to show the amazing diversity of this wonderful hobby.
    This marble tower is a Christmas present for a treasure of a granddaughter. It stands about 44 inches high, and contains about eight different kinds of wood. The base, frame, and top arches are quarter-sawn sycamore. A close-up inspection of the crank mechanism reveals a piece of Osage Orange (yellow circle).


  Marble Tower

    Turning the crank pushes marbles one at a time up the clear tube and drops them out the top onto a bell, down a collection tube and into the switching mechanism. They go alternately down the left and right sides through a variety of devices and ultimately back to the bottom tray.

Steam Powered Engines

    These early steam powered locomotives include the Trevithick and Rocket engines. All gear and steam mechanisms work. Lots of lathe and scroll saw work went into these two engines. The total display is about 48 inches long. The Trevithick The Rocket

  Dragon Pull Toy


    This dragon pull toy is a wonderfully animated toy project featured in a past issue of Wood Magazine. The jaws open and close, the wings move back and forth, the tail raises and lowers, and the rear legs move.

  Shaker Sewing Table

    The Shaker sewing table is tiger maple and walnut with hand cut dovetails in the drawer and drawer frame.
Walnut Stock

    I bought a 22 caliber lever-action rifle at an auction that was missing the butt stock. I had a beautifully figured piece of walnut I left laying around the shop half-started for many years, which I finally finished this year. The finish is several coats of Tru oil and wax.
New Fireplace Surround and Mantle

    Our old fireplace had an ugly red brick facing and hearth with a single board for a mantle. I tore the brick off, faced it with tile, and built the mantle in place using poplar and painted it white. For some reason, it's one of the most satisfying projects I've ever done for the house.
Flag Case

    My brother-in-law was a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot in WWII, and flew 50 missions over Germany out of North Africa and Italy. He was one of my heroes. He died this past spring, and I made this flag case for my sister to display his flag and mementoes.

. . . Paul Blackwell



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