Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild Toy Drive

The Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild help make a difference.

SHOP OWNER: Gerry Wittenberg
LOCATION: Agassiz, BC, Canada

    Members of the Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild and others in the community made toys for this year’s toy drive. Located in the southwest corner of British Columbia, the Fraser Valley is approximately 150 miles north of Seattle. The toys are distributed in Christmas Hampers by Community Services. They are a nonprofit service society funded by our federal and provincial governments.
Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild Toy Drive Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild Toy Drive

    There is just shy of 500 toys overall. Some of the toys we made include doll high chairs, doll cradles, hand mirrors, x & o games, cars, flappy feet duck toys, basketball games, calendar holders displaying our favorite tool and hardware supplier's calendar, and racing cars made from scrap walnut.
    The Snappy Snippers, a quilting group my wife belongs to, pitched in and made the quilts and bedding for 50 doll cradles. My neighbor and I built the cradles and his wife knitted 50 blankets to go with them.

. . . Gerry Wittenberg

Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild Toy Drive Fraser Valley Woodworkers Guild Toy Drive


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