Art's Jewelry Box

The wood provides the main design feature in these exotic jewelry boxes.

SHOP OWNER: Art Liebeskind
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

    Here are shots of three jewelry boxes, which utilize the wood as the main design feature. The first box features Brazilian Rosewood veneer, banded with solid Macassar Ebony, with an interior of walnut and a Gaboon Ebony pull. Art's Jewelry Box

Art's Jewelry Box

    Another is Macassar Ebony, trimmed in Macassar Ebony, with a walnut interior and Gaboon Ebony knob. The third is from Bolivian Rosewood, trimmed in Macassar Ebony, with an interior of walnut and a Gaboon Ebony pull.
Art's Jewelry Box

    One interesting construction tip, which I utilized when cutting the boxes open so there was no need to veneer the cut edges, was to insert some -inch walnut strips in the glue-up for the substrate. The finish consists of a wash coat of shellac, sanding the wood to 600-grit, and a couple of coats of Bartley Gel Varnish.
Art's Jewelry Box

    We make these for our finest contemporary gift shop here in Baltimore and they seem to be selling for just under $1,000 a piece. While our friends and relatives are always complimentary of our work, we really get a true readout when a total stranger is willing to pay for them. It tickles me to be a resource for this store and I hope to continue making one-of-a-kind items for them.

. . . Art Liebeskind



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