Contemporary Side Table

This beauty is now enshrined in a special place!

SHOP OWNER: Jason Tuinstra

    This is a contemporary table that I finished in mid-summer. The building and grounds committee of my church confiscated it and relocated it to the women's bathroom. I don't know whether to think of this as a compliment or not! Anyway, I snuck it out to get a few pictures for Shop Shots.
    The first picture I took shows the table outside without a finish. Soon after taking this one, the table was lost again to the world of woman's bathroom furniture. This picture shows off some of the figure of the maple and the overall dimensions of the top so I included it.
Contemporary Side Table

    This project was more of an experiment than anything. I had never built anything this contemporary looking before. In addition, most of the pieces that I build are from either plans or pictures of pieces that I have seen. This is a “Tuinstra” design. I built it in my CAD software first, so I had some idea as to how it was going to look. However, it is a bit of a departure for me in many ways.
    The primary wood is cherry with curly maple sides and walnut pins. The maple was the last of some very curly maple that I found at Home Depot. The top attaches with screws that I drove through the sides. The holes are extra big to allow for expansion and contraction.
Contemporary Side Table

    The indoor shots show this project with its finish. I used lacquer sprayed on with an HVLP gun. Unfortunately, the maple's figure isn't as pronounced in the pictures as it is in real life. Isn't that always the case?
    I'm new to the world of design, so this was an especially fun project. I recognize it's only an end table, but it was fun nonetheless. Now, I better get this thing back or else I'm going to be in big trouble!

. . . Jason Tuinstra



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