Jason's Bedroom Set

A solid cherry bedroom set still in the making.

SHOP OWNER: Jason Tuinstra

    Iím currently building a five piece cherry bedroom set and these shots are three of the pieces that I've completed so far. The design came from Woodsmith plans that I had on hand. The headboard and the bedside chest are almost exact copies of the plans (the bedside chest is smaller). The seven-drawer chest is a variation of the design. I used IntelliCAD to help with the changes.
    Most of the furniture that I build is in the Shaker style. This was a deviation for me. While I donít think this furniture style would be my first choice, I really grew to appreciate it. I especially loved building the legs. They took a great deal of time and effort, but to see them installed is a real treat. Iím glad I didnít go the easy way and buy them.
Jason's Bedroom Set

    My client didn't like the handles that Woodsmith used, so we found some more modern looking brushed nickel handles with curves to complement the legs and moldings. It took awhile to find these, but I think they really work with the piece.


  Jason's Bedroom Set

    The drawers have dovetailed joints in the front and back, which I did using a Leigh D4 dovetail jig. They slide on a center runner, which I waxed for a nice smooth action.
    The drawer graduation on the large chest goes from 4 Ĺ to 9 Ĺ inches in one-inch increments. 4 Ĺ may seem small, but I like the look of the smaller drawer. This is more pleasing to my eye than any other combination Iíve ever built.
    Though I didnít get a picture, the backs of the chests are fully finished in cherry as well. Iím sure no one will ever know or care, but it makes for a nice finished touch.
Jason's Bedroom Set

    All the pieces received multiple sprayed coats of lacquer. I rubbed them out between coats with 600-800 grit wet/dry sand paper and naphtha. I am new to spraying, but have fallen in love with this method of finishing.
    Now all I have to do is finish a couple more pieces and this bedroom set will be complete! Next is a hope chest and another style of bedside table, which is actually going next to the bed.

. . . Jason Tuinstra



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