Mortise and Tenon Class

A great way to spend a weekend.

SHOP OWNER: Jack Schlachter
LOCATION: McCaysville, GA

    I live in McCaysville in the North Georgia Mountains, right on the Tennessee line with Copperhill, TN. My main shop is in Tennessee about 500 yards across the line and we have a small retail shop in Georgia.
    Recently I attended a weekend class at the Dogwood Institute of Fine Woodworking. While Dogwood is in its initial building stages, it has a wonderful foundation in place for a great school. Craig Satterlee, from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, taught the class on cutting mortise and tenons. The emphasis is on hand tool craftsmanship, but we also used machine techniques.
Dovetail Class

    The shop that we are currently using for the school is that of Ron Peyton, the school’s owner and creator. It's a beautiful shop with every tool, appliance, and piece of hardware you can think of. Ron also spared no expense in furnishing great workbenches, which you can partially see in the background. The workbenches spoiled us all and we all vowed to save up for one.
    I took a bunch of pictures but Ron is in the process of having the classes well documented by Rene Bilodeau, who is a graduate of a nine-month course at The Chippendale International School of Furniture in Scotland, for a future shop manual. Jim Stafford of Woodcraft is also on the staff.

. . . Jack Schlachter



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