Brent's Table

A mixture of materials provide stunning results.

SHOP OWNER: Brent Greer
LOCATION: Cottage Grove, MN

    An architect friend of mine designed this table. It is 12 feet long and made of figured maple and stainless steel.
    The top features a hard maple edge with 1/8" inlay of aluminum where the edge meets the veneered top. The top needed to be two pieces in order to get it all in the building. I had these custom made by a company here in town that specializes in custom plywood products. They let me hand pick the flinch, which I had a very good time doing while looking through all their beautiful bundles of veneer. The veneer is laid up on two 1 ˝” x 4” x 8’ particle board sheets.
Brent's Table

    The boat-shaped legs are hollow with three pieces of plywood webbing to hold the shape. I used a vacuum bag press to apply the figured veneer on the concave ends of the legs. The convex sides are made of a bendable plywood product that my local lumber supplier handles. I then covered the plywood with 18-gauge stainless steel sheets that I ran though a roller to pre-bend to the shape of the legs. Per the architect’s drawings, I fastened them with raised stainless steel washers and screws. These legs are very light and super strong. Brent's Table

    I really had a good time with this project. I only wish the pictures showed how the top shimmers as you walk around the table.

. . . Brent Greer



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