Completed Basement Entertainment Area

Utilizing CAD to visualize a large project.

SHOP OWNER: Brent Greer
LOCATION: Cottage Grove, MN

    These are pictures of a project that my uncle, who is a general contractor, and I did a few months back. The clients were looking to finish the basement as an overall entertainment and gaming area. After collaborating with the client and the general contractor, we came up with a few different designs that I rendered on the computer for the client’s review. Once the design details where approved, construction began. CAD Rendering CAD Rendering
Fireplace and Wall Unit

    The fireplace was a bit of a challenge. We wanted to incorporate a 32” TV, but still have the fireplace as the main focal point. After rendering a few different options, the client decided to center the fireplace and put the TV in the corner. At first, I wasn’t sure this would work well for the space, but our thinking was that if we put a pullout swivel base under the TV, it would work. I think it worked out great. The TV can actually be seen from everywhere in the room.
Bar Unit

    The bar presented another interesting challenge with the unique angle of the back wall and the support post for the beam. The bar had to server a few functions in this multi-use entertainment room. First, the area had to function as a bar and serving area with stool seating, while not taking up too much floor space. Second, it had to functional for the pool table, multimedia, and game table areas. Again, I rendered a few design options for the client to review. I think the final design fills these functions very well.

  Bar Unit

    It’s been a few months since finishing the project and the client has had many compliments on the work. This is a spectacular entertainment space, which they will enjoy for years.

. . . Brent Greer



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