Ed's Lathe

A homemade lathe from railroad tracks.

SHOP OWNER: Eduardo Sarmiento Hall
LOCATION: Lima, Peru

    This lathe is homemade from railroad tracks. The bed measures 36" long. The headstock is 3/8" steel plates, box type, with side and interior reinforcements for anti-vibration. The motor is a 1 Ĺ -hp, 1725-rpm, single phase. As you can see, the whole assembly is with the motor floating and the pulleys on the outside for easy service or changes.
    The lathe can be taken apart in 10 minutes. Twelve bolts hold it together so one person can take it anywhere they please. Nevertheless, it is very heavy and sturdy. I have turned some very heavy logs on it with the new12-inch pulley and get between 250 to 900-rpm on low and 450 to 1725-rpm on high.
    The design is from Sorbyís lathe and Iím very happy with the way it handles all kinds of turnings. In the future, Iím thinking about either a Serious or Stubby lathe. If there are any turners out there who are interested, I will publish the plans for it in the near future. Send me an E-mail to ask your questions and thanks for your interest.

. . . Eduardo Sarmiento Hall



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