Mike's Display Case

Contrasting woods create a beautiful tabletop display case.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Keating
LOCATION: Havertown, PA

    I have been working on a tabletop display case to hold our wedding album for about three weeks now. This includes two weeks of finishing time because I used tung oil and the humidity in the northeast has not been too favorable. I wanted this project to have a nice contrast between the woods. I chose Bubinga and Birdís Eye Maple.
Mike's Display Case

    As an aside, I was not too happy with the prices and selection of lumber around me ($10.00/bf for birds eye maple, medium figure seems to be a lot). So, I decided to give Woodfinder a try. I got bubinga, birdís eye maple, mahogany, and some others and did not pay over $5.00/bf for any of it. Even after shipping, I got a great deal. Every piece was straight and I could not have asked for better lumber.

  Mike's Display Case

    I started by building the basic case and the drawer. The bubinga was a little easier to work than I thought, but still I would recommend a freshly sharpened blade for these woods. I switched after two cuts and it made a world of difference.
Mike's Display Case

    I waited for the glue on the case to dry and then turned my attention to the finish. I started my test pieces as soon as I started the project and liked the results of the pure tung oil with a semi-gloss poly the best. I also tried pure tung oil by itself, Formbyís tung oil finish (low gloss) and Watco Danish oil.
Mike's Display Case

    I applied the tung oil once a day until I had four coats on, then I let it dry completely. This took almost a full two weeks, but I must say I am glad I waited that long, the finish was great. I added two coats of semi-gloss poly and completed the project by lining the drawer with black felt. Installed the glass and placed the album inside.
    I have been married for just over two years. I am happy that I can give my wife a way to display the memories of our special day the way it deserves to be.

. . . Mike Keating



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