Hannah's Bed

Big sisters need their own space!

SHOP OWNER: Andy Wright

    I recently finished a new bedroom for my three-year-old daughter, Hannah, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Our second child is due in about eight weeks and I wanted to do something special for Hannah. We decided to use her old bedroom as the nursery and do a complete remodel on the guest bedroom to make it just the way she wanted it. Trundle Bed

    I built the bed about a year ago and it was the first piece of furniture I attempted. The wood is poplar and birch plywood with a hard maple trim. The plan came from the New Yankee Workshop. Norm painted his green but I decided to go with white. The bed also has a trundle, which sees plenty of use when our friends from out of town, who have a daughter Hannah’s age, visit.
Tall Dresser - Shop Three Drawer Dresser - Shop
Tall Dresser - Finished Three Drawer Dresser - Finished

    The tall dresser, from a plan in Workbench magazine, consists of poplar and birch plywood. I was faithful to the plans, although I did make a few modifications. These included dovetailed drawers instead of the locking dado used in the original design and some extra reinforcements on the rear feet. I further modified the plans to only build the three-drawer dresser by cutting off the top half. The drawers are the same size from both pieces and all of the trim details are identical. For the mirror frame, I used some leftover maple I had in the shop.
Hannah's New Room

    All of the pieces were painted with waterborne enamel from an HVLP conversion gun. The maple details are finished with polyurethane except for the knobs, which I sprayed with Krylon brand lacquer for the sake of convenience.
Hannah's New Room

    I painted the bedroom pink, purple, and blue at Hannah’s request. All of the colors are from the Behr Disney collection. I finished the room off by installing the crown and chair rail moldings.
    It is a VERY girly room, and Hannah absolutely loves it. Everyone who comes to our house immediately gets marched upstairs to see her “princess room”!

. . . Andy Wright



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