Brent's New Workshop

This busy woodworker has been heard to mutter, "Soon, real soon!"

SHOP OWNER: Brent Harral

    In 2001, I built this shop after the shock wore off when the county told me I could put it behind my house, which sits on 1/3 acre. It measures 24-feet by 24 feet, is pier built, insulated to the hilt, has air conditioning and heat, and a dedicated 100 amp service.
Brent's New Workshop

    I have upgraded most of the machines since my days in my garage and actually think I'm going to be content for a while! Of all the features of this new shop, I really think I enjoy the wood floors and central dust collector the most.
Brent's New Workshop

    I made these cabinets and tried to utilize pegboard as much as I could on the walls to organize everything.
Brent's New Workshop

    Although I had a good idea of machine placement, I knew I wanted the sheet goods storage by the door. Just a flip over and they are ready to rip! I crosscut sheet goods these days with my new Festool. For the wood and trim storage, there are three wall racks and a nice area behind my jointer where I can stack it. Stashed away in here also are my two sliding compound miter saws, which I have found come in very handy.
New Kitchen And Cabinets

    I am just now finishing up this kitchen addition as well as a first floor remodel, which is a whole other story!

    I used quartersawn white oak and was very happy with the figure. I rather hesitated using melamine for the cases but I did enjoy not having to finish the insides and I really like the clean white look. New Kitchen And Cabinets

  New Kitchen And Cabinets
New Kitchen And Cabinets

    In an effort to utilize all of the space I had for the pantry, I decided full extension drawer slides would be my best solution.



  New Kitchen And Cabinets

    It seems granite and stainless steel is the rage in today's kitchen designs. We chose the stainless steel appliances and decided to go with Silestone for the countertops.
    This kitchen remodel was well worth the work. Most of all, my wife is happy. She will be happier when I finally build the real center island for in there. Soon, I tell her... soon!

. . . Brent Harral



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