Crib and Changing Table

An expectant grandfather goes the extra mile!

SHOP OWNER: Larry Verhoff

    Last Christmas, our son advised us that they were having a baby and asked me to make a baby bed for them. I couldn't say no to one of our children. Besides, it gave me another reason to get into the shop and to buy more tools!
    I thought that while I was making a bed, I might as well make a changing table, since it shouldn't take much longer anyway. It took me about three months to complete and then there was the delivery to Kansas City. How many businesses do you know of that deliver 700 miles for love?
    The wood I used is solid white oak with bloodwood laminated in the middle of the legs. The four blocks on the side at the top are different exotics, which include ebony, African padauk, Sirari, purpleheart, and Jatoba.
Crib and Changing Table

    After a dry fitting, I took it apart and I finished everything with a light stain and poly. Some of my wife's teacher friends wanted to see it and I always like to show off a little anyway so I put it back together, just to make sure everything fit right. When I was done showing off, I took it apart again and loaded everything into the trunk and back seat of my car.
    My youngest son and I headed to Kansas City. After 12 hours of driving and a good night's sleep, he and I put it together again. It took us all day while my son and his wife were at work. After redoing a few things, we finally had it all together and in the baby's room before they arrived home. I wish I had a picture of them seeing it for the first time; of course, they really loved it.
    I just found out I need to make another set for my daughter. Well, looks like another trip to the tool store!

. . . Larry Verhoff



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