Dave Heinlein's big bandsaw

Big wheels keep on turnin'

SHOP OWNER: Dave Heinlein
LOCATION: Chichester, NY

    I heard about this saw in a "County Shopper" flyer in a local newspaper, listed for $300.00, so I figured it would either be gone already or not worth the iron it was made of, but I called anyway.

    When I went to see the machine it was in the back of a barn with a single bulb hanging from the ceiling for light. The first thing I did was to release the tension from the blade and give the driven wheel a good pull, feeling for any sign of movement. When I found none, the next thing I did was to check to see if the saw was complete, which it was. I offered the owner $250.00 and was surprised when he accepted.

    Moving the machine was much easier than I anticipated, as my buddy and I bolted 2x6x8 runners under each side and rolled it out of the barn on 1-1/2-in. pvc sced.40 rollers. With a 3/4-ton winch in the back of the truck, loading it was easy.

    I washed the saw down with mineral spirits and put on two coats of paint, new tires, and driven pulley, hooked it up to the 5hp motor that came with it, and yesterday as I re-sawed some 6-in. cherry, I noticed the sound of the motor didn't change at all, so I pushed a piece of 10-in. maple into the blade and it still didn't slow any.

    After years of looking for a really great bandsaw, I think I've got one.

...Dave Heinlein




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