Roll Top Desk In Progress

A glimpse at a work in progress.

SHOP OWNER: Mark Stone
LOCATION: Chalfont, PA

    I have been woodworking for about 22 years. Only in the last 10 years or so has it become an addiction. I only build furniture of my own design. Recently, I moved my shop from the basement to the garage where I have so much more room compared to the 10' x 14' space in the basement. The old basement shop space is now a clean room I use for finishing.

    The roll top desk is by far the most enjoyable project yet. I had the chance to design the whole thing from scratch after looking at pictures of other desks. I came up with the idea of an additional 10" of forward space because you just don't see that feature much. Thanks to Garrett Lambert's advise on the WoodCentral messageboard, I successfully resawed the oak into slats for the tambour. When complete, the desk will have all brass locks, hidden compartments, and last a couple hundred years.
Roll Top Desk In Progress Roll Top Desk In Progress
Roll Top Desk In Progress

    I like to be different in my designs if possible. The drawers will have hand cut dovetails. I like my Leigh Jig, but get more satisfaction from doing them by hand. Since the desk is for a friend, I'm only charging him for the materials. The way I see it, he is paying me to have fun! To complete the desk, I plan to stain it and finish with a good quality wipe-on poly.
Roll Top Desk In Progress

    Past projects I have built include a coffee table, kitchen table, corner cupboard, step stool, bed with drawers underneath, and a 6' tall by 8' wide pine entertainment center. My next big projects include: beds for my sons, raised off the ground with a sitting area under one for our 14 year old, and a play area under the other for our 8 year old. I also finished the design for a cherry bedroom set for my wife and I, which will include a four-poster bed, triple dresser, an armoire, and two side tables. I can't wait to get started. The only problem is finding the time between work and everything else that's going on.

. . . Mark Stone



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