Designed and built by Nicolas Côté.

SHOP OWNER: John O'Brien

    A good friend of mine, Nicolas Côté, does not have an Internet connection but granted me permission to submit the beautiful podium he built. Nick is now 24 years old and lives in Beauport, Quebec (just outside of Quebec city).
    He has been an army reservist with the 10th field engineers for eight years. In 2000, he enrolled at Limoilou College to complete a three-year technical degree in Cabinet Making (the college system in Quebec works a little differently from the rest of north America).
    This was only his second project to complete and the requirements were to make a type of writing table with specific dimensions for height and width. In addition, it had to have two important elements; it had to support a piece of paper and a pen, and it had to be unique.

    With Nick's experience in the military, one of the aspects of his job as a senior field engineer was to give lectures to his troops in a classroom, thus the inspiration for a podium. While he was at it he thought, why not design something original. After 12 hours of sketching and planning, and about 60 hours of AutoCAD, he started to breath life into his creation. With no previous woodworking experience at 20 years of age, he embarked on one of his first major endeavors in cabinet making.
    After 129 hours, his project entitled "Héroïca" was finally completed. Nick incorporated an array of hardwoods into the project, which include American Black Walnut, Zebrawood, Santos Rosewood, White Hard Maple, Curly Hard Maple, and Macassar Ebony. He received a grade of 93%, which put him at the top of his class. Nick graduated in May 2003.

. . . John O'Brien



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