Eric's New Shop

This expectant father may have to put accessorizing on hold!

SHOP OWNER: Erik Hammarlund

    Here are photos of my recently completed workshop/garage. The dimensions are approximately 22' deep by 24' wide. By local code, these are the largest dimensions allowed on my lot for a separate structure. Since my house is on a corner lot, it allows me easy access to the shop from a side road.
Eric's New Shop


    The foundation is a simple concrete slab, six inches thick, with thickened edges. The structure is 2x4 construction with insulation. The ceilings are nine feet high and there is a large storage area above, accessible by a pull-down staircase. The exterior is Hardiplank siding and the roof is asphalt shingles.
Eric's New Shop Eric's New Shop
Eric's New Shop


    I use a window unit air conditioner during the long summer months here in Augusta, GA. The winters are mild so I haven't had to bother with a heater. The shop has a dedicated 150-amp service, which was easier than upgrading my house service and running a sub-panel. Electrical outlets are spaced every 4 feet and I had four separate 220-volt circuits installed. I also had one 40-amp circuit installed, which services my table saw.
Eric's New Shop

    I performed all of the work myself with the exception of pouring the concrete slab and the electrical. The interior has 5/8" thick sheetrock on the walls. The building is pretty well sound insulated by using the thicker sheetrock and fiberglass insulation. One problem I had was a poor seal for the garage door when closed. I think I have fixed that by adding extra weather stripping. Eight - four tube fluorescent fixtures supply the lighting.
Eric's New Shop

    It took approximately one year to complete, and of course, it will never really be done. In retrospect, I would have installed more windows and moved them higher to allow benches to fit under them.
Eric's New Shop

    Things still to be done include a sidewalk to the side door, a new driveway, and purchasing more tools. I also hope to install a dust collection system and hopefully an air compressor, but my wife and I are expecting our first child in December, so my financial priorities have changed.

. . . Erik Hammarlund



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