Walnut Display Case

An exercise with woods other than oak.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Keating
LOCATION: Havertown, PA

    I am new to woodworking, but wanted to share a couple of projects that I am proud of, which I have recently completed. I built this walnut coffee table display case for my grandmother. It took me a week to build and it was my first experience with wood other than oak. I must say I like walnut, it works very easy, and I think it looks great after applying a finish.
Walnut Display Case Dovetail Joint

    This also represented my first attempt at dovetail joinery. I have a dovetail jig that I mounted to my workbench and it could not have been easier to use. I like the finished results and will continue to use this joint in future projects. For the finish, I applied two coats of Danish oil followed by five coats of wax.
Mike's Humidor

    Next, I built a purpleheart and Birdseye maple humidor, lined with Spanish cedar. This was a fun project to build. I followed some plans that I purchased from Rockler but added my own touches. The plan called for a straight top with a veneered middle. I choose to use a solid Birdseye maple top, and I like the contrast between the two woods. I finished this project with three coats of tung oil finish. Rubbing it out with 0000 steel wool between coats gave me the smooth-as-glass finish I was looking for.

Mike's Humidor Mike's Humidor

    I am currently building another coffee table case for my wife. This one is going to be larger than the first and will hold our wedding album (married 2 years). I am making it out of bubinga with Birdseye maple for the sides. If anyone has any suggestions for finishing bubinga please let me know. I was thinking about using pure tung oil because I see the results that David Marks gets and I like the glow that tung oil offers.

. . . Mike Keating



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