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    Some time ago, SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) asked me to make a downsized multi-function unit for Cole's room. She wanted to be able to store clothes in it while he's still small. Later, when he's older, it could hold a TV and DVD player while still storing clothes in the drawers below. I went off to the drawing board to work out a plan and this is the result.
Cole's Armoire

    This child's armoire measures 42" tall, 20" deep, and 32" wide. The construction includes a combination of pocket-hole, biscuit, and dovetail joints. The top rails of the carcass attach to the side panels with dovetail joints I cut by hand. The drawer joinery is through dovetail joints. For the stiles and rails of the doors, I used face frame biscuits. On the remaining cross members of the carcass, I used biscuits in the front and pocket screw joints in the back.
Cole's Armoire

    The carcass and drawer fronts are white oak, and the drawer boxes are pine. The top is quarter-sawn sycamore with a 10-degree bevel cut along the lower edge. I used white oak plywood in the side panels and I made the interior shelf adjustable. I wanted to add a second shelf, but the "boss" only wanted one!
    For the finish, I used wipe-on polyurethane. In keeping with my son's love of bugs and animals, the drawer and door pulls are pewter frogs and dragonflies.
Cole's Armoire

    This is the first time I've ever worked with rough lumber. I really like the opportunities this type of lumber provides. It allowed me much more latitude in how I wanted the finished pieces to look. I have to say that it kept my planer and jointer very busy, which created tons of shavings! This was also the first project on which I used my full-sized 14" band saw. I can't believe I waited so long to upgrade from a tabletop model. It made cutting eight-foot long rough lumber down to manageable dimensions easier and safer.
    The best part of this project was when we put it in Cole's room. He started screaming and dancing around, saying, "Daddy made me a new present"!

. . . Larry Wyatt



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