Kitchen Work Table

For a mom who works magic in the kitchen.

SHOP OWNER: Bernie McGivern
LOCATION: Strongsville, OH

    I made this table for my mom, who needless to say, is the best cook in the world. She deserves a nice chef's table on which to work her culinary magic.
    I found the plan for it at The New Yankee Workshop Website. The top is solid hard maple and measures 30" wide by 60" long by 1 ¾" thick. It was a challenge to joint and plane it all.
Kitchen Work Table

    The base is poplar. All the joinery is mortise and tenon. Each leg has a slight 2-½ degree taper and a bead detail on the exposed edge to help prevent chipping and damage. The drawers are also poplar and the joinery is finger joints. They run on hardwood runners between the vertical posts, which are mortised into the horizontal rails.
    I finished the top with an acrylic food-safe finish. The base is painted a country blue to match the existing décor.
Kitchen Work Table

    This was a fun but tedious project. There was a lot of layout work involved, especially the five mortises in each leg. However, I'm happy to report there were no major mishaps. The old 'Measure twice and cut once' rule really helped.
    I hope my mom gets many good years of use from it. I'm looking forward to some of those great meals she prepares. Who knows, maybe she'll make me a couple in trade for the 60-plus hours the table took me!

. . . Bernie McGivern



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