Pine Console

Selecting usable Big Box lumber isn't easy!

SHOP OWNER: Ken Rozema
LOCATION: Whitby Ontario, Canada

    Since I don't feel like I really know too much yet, I haven't been a regular contributor here on the message boards. Although I am still learning, I wanted to show a couple of matching projects, which I recently completed and am particularly proud of.
Pine Console

    This was my first real attempt at making something bigger than a shelf or stool. The plan came from Woodsmith and I followed it almost to the letter. Both consoles are made from pine (the plan called for cherry), selectively chosen from the HD pile of 3/4" x 10' x 8' shelving. I took the time to pick the boards with the least number of knots and planned the cuts to eliminate the knots as much as possible. It took a number of visits to three area HD's but I was able to pick up enough to finish this.
    The back panels and drawer bottoms are made of plywood but the rest is pine. The dimensions of the first console are: 18"d by 52"w by 32"h. I finished with Minwax #230 (Early American) stain and about seven or eight coats of wipe-on poly. I used to hate finishing until I tried the wipe-on poly!
Pine Console

    My wife was so happy with the first piece that she wanted a matching piece made. I went to work on the second one, same basic construction but I changed the dimensions to fit a specific location in the kitchen and to allow room for cookbooks. This one is 12"d by 27"w by 36"h, and again, all pine with the exception of the drawer bottom and the back panel. Same finish as the previous one as well. Pine Console

    After seeing some of the items that are made by the talented people from WoodCentral, I see I have a ways to go, but it's a fun ride. Maybe I will finally give dovetails a try!

. . . Ken Rozema



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