Curio Cabinet

An interesting twist of fate.

SHOP OWNER: Kevin Lloyd
LOCATION: Columbus, OH

    I made this curio cabinet for my fiancée last year for college graduation. It is solid African mahogany, which has an interesting story behind it.
    My friend's father had a pile of lumber covered with moss, leaves, pine needles, and paint behind his shed. He said it was an old bar top he salvaged from a rundown pub. It was all 5/4" stock, however, I knew that to get any usable wood, it was going to take some work. So, I sanded all the paint and grime off, pulled all the nails, and started planing and running off ragged edges. I ended up with just over 17 board feet of free salvaged mahogany. Curio Cabinet

  Curio Cabinet

    I designed and drew the entire curio cabinet. It features many half-lap joints and a larger number of biscuit joints of all sizes. It's all held together with Titebond II wood glue - no nails, screws, etc... I had the glass shelves and two mirror panels all custom cut. There is also a curio light, purchased from Woodcraft, mounted on the inside to the top panel, which lights up the entire cabinet.
Curio Cabinet

    Much of the wood was in several states of decay and rot, which accounts for the various tones and hues of the different parts of the curio. This makes it a truly rustic, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that has gone from catching spilled beer to family heirloom.

. . . Kevin Lloyd



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