David Yoho's Lingerie Chest

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SHOP OWNER: David Yoho
LOCATION: Mechanicsville, VA

    Here are some photos of a project I recently completed for my wife. It's a solid walnut lingerie chest with lacewood drawer fronts. I used birch for the drawer sides and backs as well as the drawer guides.

    The first picture shows a front view of the chest. The second shows a close up of the dovetail joints on the drawers as well as the tenons on the drawer dividers. The third photo shows a close up of one of the curved feet on the front and also the cove molding that I made to go around the top and bottom of the chest.

Detail Shot

Foot Detail

    This was a first for several of the techniques I used to make this project. The lacewood was 8/4 lumber and I resawed it on my bandsaw before planing it to final thickness. The drawer fronts are attached to the sides with half-blind dovetail joints. The drawer dividers are attached to the case sides with dovetailed tenons. This was also the first time I ever tackled a project of this scale without a full set of working plans in front of me. I sort of built as I went and took notes on measurements along the way. I drew up a complete set of plans after the chest was completed, which is backwards from the way I'm used to working.

David Yoho
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