Robert's Crib

This unique design features an array of beautiful woods.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Phillips
LOCATION: San Antonio, TX

    A good client of mine wanted something special for her little boy, which was due in April of this year. So, after a couple of meetings, some sketches, and a little thought, I came up with this little puppy.
Robert's Crib

    The crib side rails are maple and mahogany laminations. The upper rails have a 4" rise over a 33" run with two mahogany strips through the center like racing stripes. The lower rails have only one mahogany strip and a rise of 1 1/2" in the 33" run.


  Robert's Crib

    The slats are made from cherry and are let into the rails with a 1/4" thick x 1/2" deep mortise and are pinned top and bottom from the inside of the rails with 1/8" diameter dowel. The end frame panels are glued-up maple and I added mahogany rockers at the bottom for the crib to rest on when it's sitting on the floor.
Robert's Crib

    The crib hangers are maple and mesquite laminations that attach to the end panels with glue and dowels. At the top of the hangers, I connected a birch pivot with a through mortise and tenon joint and secured the connection with walnut wedges.
    The crib hangs from cherry uprights held together by wedged through tenons from the bottom cherry stretcher. The through tenon is over 6" wide and the only way I could apply the mesquite wedge was to band saw the center of the tenon away and prepare a mesquite block by shaping the block and the wedge to fit. I added a couple of pieces of Rosewood veneer to the sides of the replacement block for an outline - like a pin stripe.
Robert's Crib

    The stretcher was a wide piece of 8/4 cherry just rectangular and without much personality so I cut out this shape to give the piece a little visual movement -like a wave at the shoreline. The crib rocks very well on the framework or sitting on the floor.
    This was a fun project to produce even though it required something like eight fixtures for the bent laminations and the joinery, which was all loose tenon connections. If I have a request for another, I think the only changes would be to cooper and taper the end panels at the bottom.

. . . Robert Phillips



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