Chip Carving Class

The Patterson's host a weekend with Wayne Barton.

SHOP OWNER: Quent & Helen Patterson

    The Lehigh Valley Woodworkers Guild brought nine eager carvers to Easton, PA on April 12 & 13th for a workshop devoted to the art of design. Patterson's "Ye Ole Yankee Workshop" (Shop Shot # 252) was turned into Wayne's weekend classroom with carvers, seated at two 8ft. benches, fine tuning their chip carving skills while covering the floor with chips.
Chip Carving Class

    Saturday we learned that long before carving a plate, comes the careful planning of its composition utilizing the elements of design. To this end, the master carefully covered focal point, proportion, movement, contrast, balance, and grain orientation. Wayne shared a myriad of his carvings with us for demonstration and inspiration and he infused the classes with healthy doses of his humor, philosophy, history, art, music, and wit.

 Right:  Lou Supina, Wayne, Helen Patterson, Paul Mosteller, Bob Tinsman, and Art Silva.
Chip Carving Class

    On Sunday, our challenge was to create our own design, transfer it to the plate of our choice, and then carve it. We accomplished this under the gentle guidance and patient encouragement of our leader who constantly assured us with, "I know you can do it." And, much to our surprise, we did.
Chip Carving Class

    We had breakfast and lunch in the shop both days and there was a picnic Saturday night, all graciously served by Quent and Jim Patterson.


 Right:   When Wayne speaks…
Chip Carving Class

    Ellis not only joined us for the picnic, but also gave us a lesson on the lathe.



 Left:   Paul Mosteller, Quent Patterson, Ellis, and Jim Patterson.
Chip Carving Class

Right:    (Seated) Angelo Triandafilou. (Second Row) Gottlieb Brandli, Cyril Lichtensteiger, Wayne, Paul Mosteller, Helen Patterson, Art Silva, and Joe Dayer. (Missing from picture) Ken Muth, Bob Tinsman, and Lou Supina.
Chip Carving Class

    Left:   Angelo Trianafilou, Wayne, and Art Silva.
Chip Carving Class

    Right:   Ellis, Wayne, and Paul Mosteller.

. . . Helen Patterson



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