Coffee Table

Featuring walnut burl and curly maple veneers.

SHOP OWNER: Steve King

    This black walnut coffee table features a walnut burl veneered top bordered by curly maple veneer. I glued the veneer to a MDF sub-straight. The table height is 19", and the top measures 29" x 53" x ". The apron rails are 16" and 40 " x 4" wide. They attach to the 2 " square legs using mortise and tenon joinery. The curly maple border is 1" wide veneer and the black walnut frame is 4" wide.
Coffee Table Coffee Table
End Table


    The end table features the same walnut burl and curly maple veneer on the tabletop and lower shelf. The drawer is from " maple and I used my Leigh dovetail jig to make the half-blind dovetails. The end table height is 24 ". The tabletop measures 16 " x 24 " x " with a " curly maple veneer border and 2" walnut frame.
End Table

    The apron rails are 10 " and 18 " x 5" wide. They also attach to the legs using mortise and tenon joinery. I finished both tables using Zinsser Bull's Eye Shellac as a sanding sealer, followed by five coats of Waterlox for the final finish.

  Leg Dado Jig

    In order to cut the dadoes for the lower shelf into the turned section of the legs, I had to come up with some sort of jig that would work on my tablesaw. I came up with one that holds the upper leg section securely in a cradle and works in conjunction with my Incra miter gauge.

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