Steve's Outfeed Table

Provides additional work surface for a mobile tablesaw.

SHOP OWNER: Steve King

    Recently, I made an outfeed table for my Jet Contractor's Saw. After upgrading to a Unifence, I found I needed to add an outrigger table. I began by building a 12 7/8" x 61 1/2" frame, made up of " square tubing, for the outrigger table.
Outrigger Table Frame

    Next, I mounted 1" angle iron to the back of the table saw. Attaching it to the saw by using the existing mounting holes for the old Jet fence rail, simplified mounting. The location of the angle iron, once mounted, allowed me to set the metal frame and the " melamine top flush to the tabletop. The angle iron is the same length as the frame, 61 1/2" long, which I attached using bolts. Two additional lengths of the 3/4" tubing, bolted to the frame and the legs of the saw base, add support for the outrigger table.
Outrigger Table

    The melamine top is 12 1/2" x 63" with a 3/4'' maple border. Because my saw is on a mobile base, I installed legs with casters under the right hand table extension and the outrigger extension.
Outrigger Table Frame

    To provide additional support for longer stock, I added a folding outfeed table to the outrigger table. The melamine table measures 40 1/4" x 32" x 3/4" with a 3/4" maple border. I also added 3/4" square maple strips to the underside of the table. The folding outfeed table attaches to the outrigger table using a pair of SOSS hinges.
Outfeed Table In Down Position

    The legs are 1 1/2" square maple stock attached with folding and locking hinges. To make the leg height adjustable, I installed 3/8" T-nuts on the bottom ends of the legs and added leveling pads.

. . . Steve King



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