Derek's Desk

Featuring resawn and bookmatched raintree veneer.

SHOP OWNER: Derek Lentz

    I have worked on this desk for almost two years, on and off. Actually, there are a couple of things still left to finish. It is made of hard maple and raintree (monkey pod). The drawer bottoms are 1/2" Russian birch plywood. The finish is lacquer.
Center Of Desktop

    The top consists of maple rails and styles joined with mortise and tenon joints. The panels for the desktop fit into 1/2" tongue and groove joints in the rails and styles. The panels are Russian birch plywood, which I veneered with raintree on top and scrap maple on the bottom. The top raintree veneer, resawn from a single board, runs the width of the top in four book-matched strips. To be honest, though, I did have to fill a bit in the back from another board since the boards were not quite wide enough on one side.
Right Side Pedestal

    The pedestals are hard maple with raised panels on the sides and backs. The drawer sides and backs are also 1/2" hard maple. I used dovetails to connect the drawer sides to the raintree drawer fronts. I chose hard maple for the web frames and the drawer handles are from raintree, which I shaped on my router table.
    The top drawers on both sides are actually work surfaces, which slide out for use and back into the desk when not needed. There are times when these come in very handy. The keyboard drawer utilizes a mechanical keyboard assembly with a tray made from Russian birch plywood veneered with raintree and mitered maple edges.


  End Panel

    The monitor stand is a simple piece of maple plywood with raintree edging and raintree dowels, which I made on my lathe, for supports. It holds the monitor at eye level so I don't slouch too much. I received a lot of help from the folks here at WoodCentral during the process of making this desk. My thanks go out to all of you!

. . . Derek Lentz



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