Edge Sander

Made totally from scratch in the shop.

SHOP OWNER: Chris Knob
LOCATION: Wallingford, PA

    A few years ago, I made a drum sander from plans I found on the Internet. While the results were less than completely satisfactory, I enjoyed the experience and now my best friend is the proud owner of a shop-made drum sander, which he loves and uses regularly.
Idler Roller

    I found plans for a shop-made edge sander in the August Home publication, Shop Notes #37, and undaunted by my previous experience, I decided to try it. This time, my best friend is out of luck. I won't be giving this shop-made creation away any time soon. It runs vibration free and strong. Belt changes and tracking are a snap with very well thought out adjustments. The tabletop adjusts to different heights and the idler drum is available for sanding large curves.
Edge Sander

    When I'm asked for advice about making the earlier drum sander, the first advice I give is not to expect too much. My recommendation for the edge sander will be "Go for it!!!" It's well worth the effort.

  Blade Guard
Blade Guard

    While I was at it, I decided to make a few other rigs the shop badly needed. Since I work with lots of MDF, an over-arm blade guard with dust collection has been a desire for a while. The one I made is out of scrap cherry that clamps onto the table edge and is adjustable for stock of various thicknesses. When you position it so it rides just above the stock being cut, dust flung by the saw blade is captured by the suction and very little, if any, escapes. The cost for this project was less than $25.

  Outfeed Storage Table

    A single sheet of MDF and a few drawer slides provided me with an outfeed table, with additional storage that I desperately needed. My sanders and other electric tools are in slide-out trays and a large cabinet, around the back of the contractor saw, provides storage for larger items.
    Within easy reach, when working at the tablesaw, are drop-over fences for my router table and a jointer fence. Both have dust collection connections that run off the over arm blade guard hose, and both fit precisely over my Biesemeyer fence system. The jointer fence is 47" long and works in conjunction with a huge, 1" diameter and 2" long, straight bit I pop in the router table wing. The permanently offset outfeed fence removes about 1/32" per pass and I can edge joint stock up to 8/4 thick.
Outfeed Storage Table Router & Jointer Fences

. . . Chris Knob



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