Mark's Arts & Crafts Bookcase

And it's only his second attempt at "real furniture"!

SHOP OWNER: Mark Mazzo
LOCATION: Rochester, NY

    This is only the second piece of real furniture I have built. So far, I have made a bunch of shop fixtures, a bookcase for my son's room, and some small things like boxes, but this is my most significant project to date.
    The design is from Woodsmith Magazine (#90). The joinery is all mortise and tenon with frame and panel construction for the sides of the case. I modified the original dimensions to fit the space where it will sit. In addition, I used standard tenons rather than the through tenons that the design called for. This bookcase will compliment a Stickley computer desk that sits adjacent to it in our study. The case is large, with the dimensions being about 44" wide, 59" tall, and 12" deep.
Mark's Arts & Crafts Bookcase

    The wood used was all 4/4 cherry (most of it started out rough). The "legs" or tall parts of the frames are 4/4 stock glued up because I could not find 6/4 or 8/4 cherry stock at the time. The panels are back-to-back pieces of 1/4" cherry ply that float within the frames. The back is also 1/4" cherry ply. The top is solid cherry glued up and held on with some cherry clips with elongated screw holes, which I made, to allow for movement.
Mark's Arts & Crafts Bookcase

    The doors are also mortise and tenon construction with a rabbet in the back for the 1/8" tempered plate glass. I made little cherry clips that mount with brass screws to hold the glass into the rabbet. The mullions in the doors are half-lapped together and are set into the rabbet so that they sit over the glass but are flush with the outside of the door frames.
    The knobs on the doors are an antique hammered brass style I purchased from Woodcraft. The finish is Tried and True Varnish/Oil rubbed out with paste wax and 0000 steel wool.

. . . Mark Mazzo



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