Garrett's Entertainment Unit

A corner unit with space for components and CD's.

SHOP OWNER: Garrett Lambert
LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada

    This is a small entertainment unit I designed and built late last year. I am still waiting for my wife to decide on a fabric to cover the speakers.
Garrett's Entertainment Unit

    This is the top view (right) showing how the unit sits into the corner. It's not fastened to the wall in any way. The little red button, which is visible in the top left corner of the upper center opening, is a lighted master on-off switch that connects to a power strip mounted in the speaker compartment.
Garrett's Entertainment Unit

    On the interior, I used plastic snap-in - snap-out holders for the CD's. Tip: screw them in before assembling the case. It's literally a pain to install them afterward because there's so little space, and the edges are really sharp.
    Because it will not be visible, I left the back open for ventilation. The visible materials are 1/2" cherry veneer plywood faced with solid cherry. The interior material is 1/2" MDF. The finish is Varathane mahogany gel stain (#510). I applied this with one of the inexpensive coarse throwaway brushes from Lee Valley and wiped it off after a few minutes. I followed the stain with three coats of Varathane 1000 quick-dry Professional semi-gloss. I brushed the first two coats, and then wiped on a lightly thinned final coat. (I won't use this material again since it is intended for floors and dries so quickly that it's very hard to get level coverage.) A light application of wax with 0000 steel wool completed the process.

. . . Garrett Lambert



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