Modular Entertainment Center

Beautiful figured maple adds a bold look.

SHOP OWNER: Brent Greer
LOCATION: Cottage Grove, MN

    These pictures are of a basement I finished with some cabinetry a few months ago for a customer. The wood is a figured maple with raised panel doors and accent lighting.
    The entertainment center is 130 inches wide. Including the shelves, it required over eleven sheets of maple veneer plywood. It took me about three months from start to finish to build. I had to build the unit in eight individual modules in order to get it down the basement stairs. I placed the holes I drilled for the stereo equipment wires through the back, directly behind the individual components, so the wires would not be visible while watching a movie. This seems like a small detail but if you look at the picture, you will notice how nice and clean it is. I think it adds a very professional look. The customer loved this and I only wish I could have put it in my basement.
Modular Entertainment Center

    The lighting is on a three-way dimmer that uses a touch pad. I hid the pad between the TV and the side of the cabinet. This way, the customer can walk over and turn on the system without his guest even noticing him touch a switch. As for the design, I raised the TV by placing it up on a small platform to give it a built-in feel. I have looked at many of the furniture store entertainment centers and those for big screen TV's always seem built over the TV. I think this makes it look like the cabinets were an afterthought.
Bar Unit

    The bar unit also had to be constructed in modules. I carried the sides down as panels, assembled everything, made a template for the countertop, cut it back at the shop, and installed it on site. The post at the corner of the bar is covering a load-bearing wooden post. In addition, the long beam on the ceiling is covering a microlam beam supported by that post. The other shorter beam on the ceiling is hollow but finished off the design and gave the bar more balance. Since I couldn't change these structural items, I worked them into the design. Cabinetry Behind Bar Unit

    On the back wall behind the bar, there is also a matching cabinet with countertop. It is complete with wet sink and wine bottle storage.
    The dartboard cabinet is my favorite. It contains some fantastic looking figured maple. There's not much else to say about this except it sure is hard to play darts when I'm distracted with such beautiful maple figure.

. . . Brent Greer

Dartboard Cabinet - Closed Dartboard Cabinet - Open


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