Angelo T's Bird's-eye Maple Cradle

Wild wood and a Legacy machine team up beautifully.

SHOP OWNER: Angelo Triandafilou

    This past year has been one of mixed blessings. The prolonged illness and death of my mother was a terrible drain. The only thing that kept me going was the time I spent on this cradle in anticipation of the big day when my — oops, our — first grandchild would be born.
    Our new granddaughter Maddy (Madalyn Paige Stoltz, 8 lbs.-11 oz.) has rejuvenated the whole family. Mom never got to see her great-granddaughter, nor did she see the cradle — certainly one of my best efforts — but I think of her every time I look at either one.
End View
    I made the cradle from bird's-eye and curly maple. I turned the end posts on my Legacy milling machine. I sandwiched a curly maple piece with resawn curly maple to add strength and minimize any chance of warping. The wood was at 8% humidity but I didn't want to take any chances.
    The basket of the cradle is all bird's-eye maple except for the spindles which are curly maple. The ends of the basket include raised panels of solid maple. The original plan called for plywood but I wanted something better.

Another Shot of Cradle
    The feet and support gussets are joined with mortise-and-tenon joints. The supports are tenoned into both the vertical and horizontal pieces. The stretcher is made of curly maple and has inserts at both ends for bolts through the legs. This arrangement allows the cradle to be taken apart for storage.
Close-Up of Spindles
    I made the spindles on the Legacy and I actually made them twice. The first ones were beech, but I didn't like the color match so I switched over to the curly maple. (Anybody want some beech spindles? :-) I made all the spindle patterns different so the cradle would be truly unique.
    I finished the cradle with Bartley's wipe on varnish. A coat of Butcher's wax was the finishing touch.
    Oh yeah, I better mention that my wife Dona-Marie made the bumper pads.
    [Careful, Angelo. ;-]

. . . Angelo Triandafilou



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