Carol's Boxes

Who says you have to know a dado from a rabbet to do nice work?

SHOP OWNER: Carol Bowers
LOCATION: Heath Springs, SC

    I make all sorts of boxes, small toys, and puzzles. I use only glue, pegs, and/or biscuits to join pieces. Since the area where I live is rich in a variety of wood species, I use many different types my son has cut from around here for my projects. Maple, dogwood, walnut, purple cedar, red cedar, and sugarberry are just some I have used.
    Because of allergies, I cannot tolerate the usual oils that most people use when finishing. So, I use mineral oil to bring out the grain and water based poly over that. I do much of my finishing of projects right at my dining room table.
    I'm not very good at woodworking yet, but really enjoy it and continue to learn. I don't even know the correct terminology for the cuts and procedures I use. My work is very "handmade" and I give most of my projects away.
Basil's Woodmizer

    Basil Bailey is cutting a pecan tree for me with his Woodmizer portable bandsaw mill.
Pecan Boards Drying

    This is how we stack our wood to dry; my son is planning to make a dining table from this pecan.
Cedar Jewelry Box

    This small cedar box is nice for holding jewelry. I line them with felt and sometimes make them to just hold rings. The lid halves pivot on -inch dowel pegs.
Cedar Candle Box

    I made this candle box for my daughter's boss. It has a sliding lid.

    These are a few examples of the toys I make.
Special Angel

    I made this frame and puzzle photo as a Christmas gift. I only make these for special people.

. . . Carol Bowers



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