Carved Hummingbird

Partners in life collaborate in their work too.

SHOP OWNER: Doug and Mary Ridley
LOCATION: Gilbertsville, KY

    Since my new shop is on hold because of the weather, I am not able to do any serious carving right now. However, I have been working on small projects in the garage.
    The hummingbird is Tupelo Gum. The bird's beak has a 3/32-inch brass rod inserted to give it strength and hold it in the flower. The stems are made of brass rods, which are covered with Bondo and carved. Epoxy holds the leaves, cut out of thin brass sheeting, onto the stems. When my new shop is finally finished, I am going to get someone to teach me to silver solder so I can do a better job of attaching these. The epoxy leaves them a little lumpy at the attachment points.
    The Trumpet Vine flowers are Tupelo. The end of the stem fits into a 3/32-inch hole and held with glue. My wife, Mary who does all the painting, paints it with oils. We decided 22 years ago when we started carving, to make it a hobby we could do together. We collaborate on everything including what to make and the design.

. . . Doug Ridley



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