Bob's Entertainment Stand

A whole family of living room furniture designed by CAD.

SHOP OWNER: R.P. "Bob" Aspey

    This is the rest of the living room furniture that I made to match the entertainment center in my other shop shot. There is a coffee table, two end tables, and a media storage unit. I designed it all, this time with a CAD program. Previously, I drew everything by hand on sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I design for function first, that is, to serve a purpose. Then I make changes to improve the appearance and add detail.
    I dovetailed all the drawer boxes on these pieces with a Keller Jig. I like the jig, but I will get a Leigh sometime. The drawer bottoms are made from glued up scraps of pine and are allowed to float at the back of the drawer.
    I intended for the drawer fronts to look like a raised panels set inside frames, but I made an error in the drawings. As a result, I had to overlay the panels. I kept the look for the media storage unit. I allowed for cross-grain movement by using the handles to keep the panels centered, and using four screws through oversized holes in the corners to keep the fronts flat.
    Originally the table sides were to have a chip-carved design in them, but that changed just as I was transferring the design onto the sides. So I added a quirk bead instead.
     This whole project cost me less than $200! I got the wood from offcuts that my brother gave me, from a furniture factory he worked at for a while. I made the wooden slides from scraps of oak and maple and only had to purchase the pulls, fan and thermostat, finish and, oh yeah, a few screws.

. . . R.P. "Bob" Aspey



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